About Coach Bobet and Mary Ann

Bobet Prudente has 30+ years experience as IT professional and senior management in different IT companies.

His specialization is in business intelligence. He is considered an authority in big data and report mining technologies.

Iskolar ng bayan” all the way, studying in public elementary and high school, Bobet graduated with a degree in BS Mathematics from the University of the Philippines in Diliman Quezon City.

Two years after graduation, he became general manager of a cutting-edge IT company specializing in application generators. He later moved on to various senior positions in other software companies. He “retired” from corporate IT in 2014 from a US company, where he served as Country Manager.

Coach Bobet and Mary Ann

Coach Bobet and Mary Ann are authors, speakers and financial educators

Mary Ann Prudente was among the first graduates of BS Computer Science at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City. She held various technical and management positions in several IT companies where she specialized in database and contact center technologies. In 2006, she decided to “retire” early from corporate IT, to be a full time mother to sons Luke and John.

While “retired,” she continued to be an IT consultant specializing in cloud computing.

Bobet at Mary Ann learned how to grow and invest their money on the stock market, mutual funds and real estate. Since they did it mostly on their own, it wasn’t that easy and sometimes stressful to do.

In 2013, they joined the TrulyRichClub of Bo Sanchez where they learned how to grow their wealth while gaining spiritual abundance and winning in all areas of their life.

In 2014, they were invited to join the IMG TrulyRichMakers, where they learned an easier way to save, set aside and invest their money, and how to help other Filipinos while growing wealthy.

They have found their mentors and a community who have similar goals as them.

They are now “retired” so they are doing what they want to do: to help more people, by teaching about financial concepts, financial products, and entrepreneurship. Realizing that there are a lot of people who needs help on how to prepare for their maturity, it is their mission to help educate and share their knowledge and experience.

While conducting financial seminars to the general public, to employees in corporate seminars, to teachers and students in schools, they are often asked for additional learning resources.  In early 2002, they published a book “TIPS (Tipid, Ipon, Palago, Saya) – Pampayaman 101” or “How to Get Wealthy Slowly But Surely,” written in conversational Taglish, for seminar attendees.

TIPS (Tipid, Ipon, Palago, Saya)

Kaya mong mag
Tipid ng P33 araw-araw?
Ipunin buwan buwan
Palaguin taon taon, mag-
Saya dahil iyo ay maaaring maging P1,000,000 sa 20 taon!

Invite Coach Bobet and Mary Ann Prudente to your corporate and institutional events, to speak about saving, investing and building a solid financial foundation.

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